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The Beatles in the news.


Welcome to the Beatles News, a community to discuss the Beatles in general, and more precisely recent news about them! The maintainers will post news articles daily. You may also submit News articles you think could interest us (anything Beatles-related is relevant) but please note that this community is moderated, meaning that your post will have to be approved first.


In addition to news, we also intend to have weekly threads to discuss the Beatles. You may not start these threads but feel free to reply to them as often as you want! They will be organised as follows :

- Wednesday : Media Day. Post your favourite Beatles videos, pictures and songs in the Media Sharing Thread.
- Friday : Recommend Day. Recommend your favourite Beatles books, fanfictions, articles, etc in the Rec Thread.
- Sunday : Discussion Day. Discuss Beatles songs, albums, movies, etc in the Discussion Thread.

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